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The 5 Most Common Tree Trimming Mistakes

Updated: Apr 28

The 5 Most Common Tree Trimming Mistakes

Homeowners must remember to properly trim their trees to avoid unwanted damage and improve their curb appeal. However, there are some things to avoid when doing yard work.

Here are the five most common tree-trimming mistakes to avoid, so you can keep your home looking great.

Aimless Pruning

You don’t want to over-prune your trees. If you remove too much foliage, it won’t be able to get enough nutrients, causing deficiencies that could make them sick or kill them.

Also, avoid pruning during the growing season. Removing flowering buds while they’re still developing will reduce their number of blooms come spring.

Cutting Large Branches

Another thing to avoid is cutting large branches. Removing branches that are too big can stress the tree and make it harder for them to recover.

Cutting large branches without the proper knowledge, tools, or equipment could also lead to injury. If a large branch becomes a hazard because it’s hanging over a power line or a neighbor’s property, you should contact a local service capable of handling the problem for you.

Not Sharpening Your Tools

Many homeowners fail to sharpen their tools or adequately care for them, making trimming trees harder. Trying to cut with a dull edge can be a hassle and makes more work for you in the long run.

Old or rusted tools can lead to poor cuts, making your trees look ragged. Open cuts can invite disease, so you’ll want to avoid leaving stubs or removing the collar since it won’t be able to heal correctly. If you need to get rid of the tree altogether, you should hire a professional tree stump removal service to ensure a clean and efficient job.


Some decide to top their trees by cutting off huge portions, believing it will make them safer or significantly reduce their size. However, this can weaken branches and cause rot, damaging their core integrity.

Using proper trimming techniques and symmetrically framing branches will make the tree look better while reducing potential hazards. Crown reduction is a viable alternative to topping that takes a less drastic approach to cutting back branches, which will work out much better for you.

Ignoring the Problem

Some homeowners opt not to prune their trees at all. While this might seem simple, failing to care for your trees properly can lead to personal injury, property damage, and liabilities.

Taking care of your trees will reduce the chance of infestation, rot, and other common problems. Having enough sunlight and proper circulation can go a long way in improving their overall health and longevity.

Proper Trimming Will Keep Your Trees Looking Nice and Healthy

There are many things to account for when taking care of your home. Avoiding the most common tree-trimming mistakes will keep your yard looking manicured and allow you to avoid unnecessary injury or property damage.

Take the time to learn these proper habits and techniques so you can get the best results.

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