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Commercial Tree Services

It's no secret that how your land looks has a significant impact on how people view your company or business, and in the professional world, first appearances are everything. Here at Kevin's Tree Service, we're not just interested in removing your sick or dying trees. We want to make sure the rest of your trees are healthy and placed correctly so that your business looks good and stays safe. Some of our commercial tree services include removal, trimming, stump grinding, and hurricane preparation. While hiring a team of professional arborists may not seem that important at first glance, let's take a look at the various benefits professional tree services can provide.  

First and foremost, those who have lived in Florida for more than a few days know just how quickly the weather can change. The sky goes dark, and out pops a thunderstorm with severe winds. A tree you didn't realize was sick, dying, or precariously placed can easily damage your property. Professional arborists prioritize prevention by ensuring the trees on your land are healthy and stay that way. We can help plan your landscape, check the structural integrity of your trees, and maintain your branches and roots before they ever have a chance to become a problem for you. 

Additionally, if you plan on selling your business or the lot it sits on, increasing the property value through commercial tree services on your Palm Bay, FL, property is a good investment. In the end, the selling price of your property can increase beyond the original buying price. Moreover, consistent tree maintenance reduces your risk of any unwanted pests or critters setting up camp on or near your business. And with how many tree-dwelling creatures live here in Florida, you'll want to get rid of them before they become a problem, which means making sure your pine or cypress doesn't turn into an apartment complex for critters. 

Our goal here at Kevin's Tree Service is to maintain the trees on your property, and it’s not just for aesthetic purposes but also to protect your land, business, and (ultimately) your wallet. Overall, you'll spend much less money on mitigation than you would on repairing any damage. We hope to offer our team of experts and years of experience to make you a lifelong customer; we’re proud to be a business that you can rely on. 

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