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Residential Tree Services

Your home is your safe haven, and it's understandable to want to protect that space and keep your property looking its best. Our residential tree services can help you do just that.  

First, let's get the scary part out of the way—it's true that trees can damage your home and your property, especially here in Florida, where the weather can seemingly change on a dime. That's why professional arborists like us aren't just dedicated to protecting the aesthetics of your home. We're devoted to providing residential tree services that focus on risk mitigation. In hiring professional tree maintenance services, you're helping to protect what matters most. However, risk mitigation is only a part of what our professional services can do for you. 

Trees are an essential part of your property's landscape, and believe it or not, they can contribute to or detract from how well the land around your home drains rain. Here in Florida, rain loves to come in buckets and suddenly leave at a moment’s notice. If a tree is unhealthy or placed incorrectly, it can’t absorb the same amount of water it usually could. A damaged tree can even cause drainage path blockages that increase flooding. Moreover, when placed correctly, tree canopies reduce the speed at which raindrops hit the ground, reducing soil erosion. In the same vein, trees can provide necessary shade from the Florida sun and reduce energy bills.


Healthy, well-maintained trees increase a property's resale value—but why? The answer is relatively straightforward! Homeowners care about the exterior of their home just as much as the interior. Additionally, as the years pass, more and more people are becoming more eco-conscious and want homes that add to nature rather than take away from it. Homes with carefully maintained and beautifully placed trees don't just look better; they also improve our air quality and safeguard wildlife. With how much well-kept trees have to offer, it's no wonder more homeowners are making their property's landscaping a priority.  

However, trimming, removing, and caring for your trees isn't an easy task to do on your own and can be a dangerous one without the right tools and knowledge. Let the pros here at Kevin's Tree Service take care of all your tree maintenance needs to protect your home and keep your property looking its absolute best. 

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