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Storm Damage Tree Cleanup 

Trees are an excellent addition to any yard. Unfortunately, when heavy storms pass, they can leave things messy and unsafe. That’s where emergency tree services come in handy. 


Why Removing Dead Trees Is Important 


Preventing Accidents and Injuries 

One of the most immediate concerns with dead trees is the safety risk they pose. These trees can easily become unstable, making them prone to falling unexpectedly. This poses a significant risk to anyone nearby, including children playing in the yard or pets roaming around. Prompt storm tree removal ensures that these hazards are minimized, keeping your family and visitors safe. 


Avoiding Property Damage 

Dead trees can cause extensive damage to your property. They can fall on power lines, causing outages and potentially dangerous electrical situations. Additionally, they can damage structures like your home, garage, or fence. The cost of repairing this damage can be substantial, far outweighing the expense of hiring an emergency tree service in the first place. 


Reducing Fire Risk 

Dead trees are essentially dry wood, which is highly flammable. In areas that are prone to wildfires, leaving dead trees on your property can significantly increase your fire risk. Emergency fallen tree removal reduces this risk, protecting not only your property but also the surrounding community. 


Steps To Safely Remove Dead Trees 


Assess the Situation 

Before you begin, assess the situation. Determine how many trees you need removed and their condition. This will help you decide whether you can handle the task yourself or if you need to hire professionals. 


Consider Hiring Professionals 

For larger trees or those in difficult locations, hiring professionals is often the best choice. Storm tree removal experts have the experience and equipment needed to safely remove dead trees without causing further damage to your property. 


At Kevin’s Tree Service, we understand the importance of prompt tree removal. That’s why we’ve invested in equipment that helps us get the job done quickly and efficiently.  


Getting the Job Done With Grapple Trucks 

Grapple trucks are incredibly useful for efficiently removing large amounts of debris, including storm tree removal. These specialized vehicles come equipped with powerful hydraulic arms that can easily grasp and lift heavy objects, allowing for quick and safe cleanup. By using a grapple truck, we can significantly reduce the time and effort required to clear fallen trees and branches from your property. 


For effective and affordable emergency fallen tree removal, look no further than Kevin’s Tree Service! 

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