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Stump Grinding

The process of stump grinding involves chopping the stump into small chips using a stump grinder. Stump grinders can vary in size depending on the dimensions of the stump, but the machine itself looks much like a lawn mower with a circular saw attached to it. The edge of the circular saw is lined with strong teeth that essentially shred the wood into fresh mulch, which you can use for other plants or landscaping needs. Or, instead of importing new soil, you can use the mulch to fill the divot left behind and leave it to decay and turn into dirt over time.  

You may be wondering why you would need to remove stumps in the first place and why anyone would want to grind a stump. While it’s true that tree stumps can look unsightly in your yard, the importance lies in more than just the aesthetics. Believe it or not, there is a decent chance that the tree can grow back, especially if the root system is still intact, so if you removed that stump for a reason, it’s important to know that it can regrow. Additionally, pests such as carpenter bees, carpenter ants, and termites can take up real estate in the stump, as well as fast-spreading fungi—but why opt for stump grinding instead of complete removal? 

Complete tree stump removal isn’t necessarily a bad option; it’s just not the best option for every situation. Depending on how large the stump is or how deep and complex the root system is, you risk making things worse. If the stump in your yard is large, it can leave quite the deep hole in your land, meaning you’ll have to pay a pretty penny to import soil to fill the hole. Moreover, a sizeable root system can damage other trees and plants if removed, as it’s not uncommon for the roots of different plants to entangle. 


Ultimately, stump grinding is not a landscaping task you want to take up on your own, as carbide metal is just behind diamond on the hardness scale. Improper use of the stump grinder can have dangerous consequences, and you want to make sure you’re removing as much of the stump as possible. 

Leave the stump grinding to the pros here at Kevin’s Tree Service in Palm Bay, Florida. With our array of services and team of experts, there's no tree trouble or conifer concern that we can't handle!

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