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Florida Tree Care 

In Florida, there are over 200 native tree species that range from tall and proud to stout and shrubby. If you've spent any amount of time in the Sunshine State, you know you can't turn in one direction without seeing a white ash, bald cypress, Florida pine, or palm tree standing strong in the sun. This wonderful diversity of flora is thanks to the state’s mild subtropical climate and array of marshes, everglades, swamps, forests, and beaches. All of this means that you won't find a place in the US quite like Florida. With how many businesses and residential areas are looking to capitalize on this natural beauty, specialized tree care is paramount.  


Proper Florida tree care has five important cornerstones: pruning, weather protection, watering, root care, and pest control. Pruning and general tree maintenance are the most important things you can do to protect your trees and home from debris. Consistent and disciplined pest control and proper weather protection are incredibly important, considering Florida’s abundance of weather swings. While most trees can keep up with the heat and rain, you'll see a big bug boom in the summer and leaves dropping like flies in the fall. To protect your trees throughout the year, frost blankets are great for the winter, and don't be afraid to give your tree a little extra support during hurricane season. Also, don't be fooled—just because it rains often doesn't mean you don't need to water your trees! A well-established tree needs watering at least once a week, ideally in the early morning or late evening, after the day's heat has subsided. 


Aside from tree maintenance and care, knowing how to spot a sick, dying, dead, or poorly placed tree is essential. An easy way to determine your tree's health is to look at the bark. Large vertical cracks and clusters of fungal growth underneath the bark indicate a less-than-healthy tree. You should also look out for outer layers of bark that fall off and don't seem to want to grow back. Additionally, it's important to keep an eye out for any trees that seem to have a new lean or are too close to any power lines. A sick or precarious tree can quickly turn dangerous in one of Florida's many storms and hurricanes.  


However, if you can't tell if your tree is sick or need help making sure any surrounding trees don’t pose a threat to your property, we can help. Kevin's Tree Service offers professional local tree maintenance and pruning services. As Florida natives, we have the specialized knowledge to protect and maintain the wide variety of tree species found here to keep your property safe and looking its best. 


With Kevin's Tree Service you almost never have to worry about whether your need qualifies with us. We specialize in all types of tree related work no matter the size, shape, or time of the week, Kevin's Tree Service always looks to satisfy your every need. With that being said, we have listed the majority of the services we offer down below. 

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