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Tree Trimming Palm Bay, FL


Tree trimming is a necessity to the growth and health of all trees. To ensure this is met, it is customary for us to provide free estimates to supply you with the best outcome for your trees. This not only leaves your yard looking good as new, but it also has your trees healthier than ever. 

Why You Need Tree Trimming Services   

Kevin’s Tree Service is a tree trimming and removal service that will tend to all your tree issues, including trimming. This helps improve the overall health of your trees and the look of your home. Low-hanging branches can create large areas of shade that prevent your other plants from soaking up the sun. Plus, some lower limbs may hang in the view of your home or block windows.  
Sometimes, trees are sick or diseased, and pruning is the only way to save them. Tree pruning experts—known as arborists—will remove the sick or dead branches. This prevents the sickness from spreading to the rest of the tree. This can be especially helpful with fruit trees, as they usually produce diseased fruit or none at all. Likewise, a sick tree is more likely to fall during a storm, and both the tree and large branches could cause major damage to your home.  

Tree trimming also protects your property by preventing the tree from growing out of control. As trees grow, their roots reach deeper and sometimes extend into key home areas, like your plumbing lines. Pruning reduces the chances of encountering this catastrophic damage.  

We Can Help  

Kevin’s Tree Service is a tree trimming service in Palm Bay, FL. We’re always available and ready to help our customers with their tree-related needs—especially trimming! Our competitive pricing and incredible services are hard to beat, and our offerings don’t come with hidden fees.   


Contact Us   

Contact us today for tree pruning in Palm Bay, FL, and Brevard County! You can reach our team by calling (321) 914-9936 or emailing


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