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3 Reasons To Hire an Expert for Residential Tree Services

3 Reasons To Hire an Expert for Residential Tree Services

When you take care of your trees and shrubs on your own, it can feel like you’re saving money and tackling your landscaping issues at the same time. However, there are a few reasons why you should consider hiring an expert for your residential tree service needs.

Experts Can Spot Problems You Can’t

Tree service experts have the experience and knowledge to spot problems and look for issues you may not have noticed. They know how to spot sick and dying trees, unstable trees, or precarious limbs that are in danger of falling. Unstable trees are typically the most hazardous, and sometimes, they can be hard to spot and don’t outwardly show signs of falling or leaning.

Professionals also know how to determine the structural integrity of the trunk or spot whether the root system is showing damage. Both issues require a trained eye; if left unchecked, a compromised tree can threaten your property.

Experts Can Handle Dangerous Situations

As we mentioned, unstable trees pose a hazard, but that’s not the only danger you may run into trying to DIY. Occasionally, trees grow in very precarious positions, including next to power lines. If someone cuts it the wrong way, a tree can fall right into that power line. This electrical and fire hazard could land you in legal trouble for damaging public property, especially if you knock out someone’s power. Without the right knowledge, it can be difficult to tell which way a tree or its branches will fall, posing a serious risk even if there aren’t powerlines nearby.

Experts Have the Tools You Don’t

In truth, you may save some money in the short term by renting equipment and taking care of smaller issues, but this choice is a bandage solution. At some point, you’ll likely need more heavy-duty equipment to finish the job, such as cranes, harnesses, or stump grinders. Typically, this equipment is not readily available for you to buy or rent, and if you somehow can find it, the costs could pile up quickly. The long-term investment benefits just aren’t there.

Ultimately, the main reason you should hire an expert to handle your residential tree services is to protect yourself. At Kevin’s Tree Service, we dedicate ourselves to completing a job properly to protect the aesthetic value of your property and keep your home or business safe. And as a tree-cutting service that’s been around since the 2000s, we know trees and are confident that we can take care of all your tree maintenance needs.

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