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5 Signs a Tree in Your Yard Is in Danger of Falling

Updated: Apr 28

5 Signs a Tree in Your Yard Is in Danger of Falling

As many storms and hurricanes have shown us in the past, it can be hard to tell when one will cause a tree to fall. But when they do fall, it can be a terribly scary sight, or worse, it can fall on your home and harm your family. That’s why it’s so important to be able to identify the signs a tree in your yard is in danger of falling.

The Trunk Has Signs of Structural Damage

The trunk of a tree is a large part of what keeps it in place, and if the trunk is compromised, the overall structure of the tree is likely the same. First, examine the bark, as the bark is essentially the skin of the tree. If the bark is falling off in chunks with no signs of regrowth, that tree is likely sick or dying. Additionally, if there are large hollows or cracks, this is also a sign of structural damage, especially if fungi are developing in and around the cavity.

The Roots Are Damaged, Weak, or Exposed

If the roots of a tree are lifted, wind can compromise their structure, but that’s not the only sign of a problem. Sometimes, even if the roots are completely covered, structural issues could still be hidden under the surface. If you notice lumps of land, that’s a sign the roots are lifting unnaturally. Also, if fungi are growing around the base of the tree, this is a sign the roots are weak and dying.

Branches Fall Too Easily

If you notice that branches seem to be falling too easily, with little to no agitation, the tree itself may be weak or dying. To determine whether you have weak branches, take three or four off and do the scratch test. If you remove the bark and see mostly green underneath each of the branches, they’re healthy, but if most of the branches are brown underneath, they’re weak or dying—especially if they snap easily.

Other Surrounding Trees Have Fallen

If other surrounding trees have fallen, this can mean big trouble for other trees. Surrounding trees protect other trees from harsh wind, and if another tree falls, the trees that were once protected are now exposed, putting other trees at risk. Also, multiple trees falling in an area is a sign of fungal networks living underneath the surface that essentially eat away at the roots.

The Tree Has Shifted or Leaned Suddenly

Some trees have a natural tendency to grow at an angle or in an odd direction, but this doesn’t mean that they’re structurally unsound. However, if a fully-grown well-established tree suddenly shifts, something has likely happened to the inner trunk or root system. While it may not seem like a big deal if the tree is tilting away from your home, this is no guarantee that it won’t fall toward you. In truth, it is likely the whole tree has become weak and can sway either way.

If you’re still unsure and these signs a tree in your yard is in danger of falling aren’t giving your peace of mind, Kevin’s Tree Service is here to help. We’re a residential tree services company based in Palm Bay, Fl, and we’re dedicated to keeping you and your home safe from the dangers of structurally unsafe trees.

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