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5 Tips for Preventing Hurricane Damage to Trees

Updated: Apr 28

5 Tips for Preventing Hurricane Damage to Trees

Trees are an excellent addition to your yard, providing shade, comfort, and aesthetics. However, during hurricane season, trees pose a risk you must prepare to deal with.

Getting things ready before it’s too late will save money and reduce hazards that threaten your physical well-being. Use these five tips for preventing hurricane damage to trees to ensure your property is ready for foul weather.

Give Them Space To Grow

Trees need plenty of space to grow so they can develop strong roots and canopy. Placing them too close together can cause them to compete for water sources and nutrients, making them less resilient against heavy winds and flooding.

It’s best to plant trees at least fifteen feet apart from one another, so they have plenty of space. Learn how large the tree canopy will be and assume the roots will be the same size. Keep them at least ten feet from your home to ensure they don’t damage your property.

Tie Them Down With Cabling

One good practice when dealing with trees during hurricane season is to tie them down with cabling. This approach can add stability to the tree, helping it withstand the wind without blowing over.

Start by putting in stakes just outside of the tree’s root ball. Use a support strap or cable to tie the tree down and tighten it so it’s firm.

Use Protective Wrapping

Another thing homeowners often do to keep their trees safe during a hurricane is to use protective wrapping on the trunk. Properly wrapped trees have better protection against debris and loose objects that the wind may carry.

Wind the wrap around the tree’s base while moving it slightly upward at an angle. Ensure the wrapping is tight and secure it with staples or nails.

Prune Regularly

Trees with dead or dying limbs pose additional threats to homeowners. Large branches can damage your property and cause potential injuries. Trees without adequate pruning are less resilient against the elements, making them dangerous during hurricanes.

Regularly pruning your trees will ensure they’re healthy and free of insect infestations. It also improves airflow and encourages healing in vulnerable areas.

Hire a Tree Removal Service

Sometimes, removing a tree before a big storm hits is best. You should immediately remove trees that have grown too large or are no longer safe to grow near your home. You may want to hire a professional service to ensure the job is complete.

Falling trees can also pose a risk to you and your family. Paying for storm tree removal will ensure your property is ready for the worst.

Ensure Your Trees Are Protected This Season

Trees do a lot to make your property feel more like a home. Taking care of them when you can will help them handle the worst weather.

Use these tips for preventing hurricane damage to trees to keep yours in good condition.

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