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Clearing Fallen Trees After a Storm: What You Should Know

Updated: Apr 28

Clearing Fallen Trees After a Storm: What You Should Know

As homeowners, many of us plant trees to enhance our curb appeal; they look beautiful and carve out shady spots on the lawn where you can relax on a nice day. But when big storms roll in, the powerful winds could knock your trees down or break branches, turning them into an eyesore. Keep reading to discover what you need to know about clearing fallen trees after a storm.

Do a Safety Check

Before you get to work and try removing anything, evaluate the area. The tree could have taken down a powerline or fallen in a dangerous location. You should also keep an eye out for:

  • Animals hidden under the branches

  • Building material knocked down by the tree

  • Split or broken branches

The entire tree may not have fallen, and trying to take it down could lead to bodily harm if you’re not a tree trimming expert. Professional tree trimmers know how and where to cut the tree to prevent injury to themselves or damage to other property nearby.

Bonus Tip

As you inspect your property for damage, we recommend keeping the following questions in mind: Are any parts of your roof, shed, or fence broken? Are all your windowpanes still intact? Can you hear any growls, hissing, or cries coming from the fallen tree?

Evaluate the Tree

If the area is safe, look closely at the fallen tree itself. Did the entire tree come down or just a few major branches? Sometimes, the tree is salvageable and will flourish again with the right care. However, if the damage is too severe, arborists will have to take it down since it may not survive the storm's aftereffects.

Call an Expert

Clearing fallen trees after a storm can be dangerous on your own—especially if the tree splits or completely comes down. For this reason, we highly recommend calling an arborist who can inspect the tree and follow the best practices to remove it quickly.

Kevin’s Tree Service

Kevin’s Tree Service is a family-owned business in Palm Bay, FL, that offers tree removal after storms. We go out on a limb for our customers to help trim and remove their trees. So, if you had a tree come down during a storm, contact our crew to take care of the job!

Pick Up Branches and Debris

Once the arborist removes the tree, it’s time to make your yard look beautiful again. Before you start removing any branches or raking up any leaves from the fallen tree, we suggest wearing a pair of sturdy garden gloves to protect your hands against cuts and splinters.

Also, remember to keep a lookout for any lingering potential dangers—made more noticeable now that the fallen tree isn’t blocking your view. All your hard work will pay off once your yard returns to its previous beauty!

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