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The Importance of Removing Dead Trees From Your Yard

The Importance of Removing Dead Trees From Your Yard

Bare branches, damaged roots, trunk damage, and mushroom and fungus growth are all signs of a dead tree. And while this may not seem like a pertinent issue, dead trees can pose a serious threat. To protect you, your home, and your wallet, read on to learn the importance of removing dead trees from your yard.

Dead Trees Compromise Surrounding Trees

Depending on the reason why your trees are dead or dying, they can compromise and damage surrounding trees. If the tree is dying due to some sort of fungal issue, the spores can spread by the wind and cause other trees to become ill. Additionally, if tree’s structure is weakened, branches or the entire tree can fall at any given time, damaging any trees near it.

Dead Trees Attract a Myriad of Pests

Insects, such as termites and other wood-boring pests, can easily eat and nest in dead trees. Not only will these pests quickly multiply, but they will add to the current structural damage. Rats, squirrels, and other small rodents also like to make nests in dead trees, and if the trees are close to your home, your house may be next.

Dead Trees Can Damage Your Property and Put You in Danger

Just like dead trees can damage surrounding trees, they can severely damage anything around them, destroying your home or your property. They can take down powerlines and cave-in roofs, costing you much more money than if you were to have them removed beforehand. And, more importantly, when these trees fall, you and your loved ones can get hurt.

Removing dead trees from your yard is important because they’re not just costly, unsightly frustrations; they can be life-threatening. If you need to hire a professional and experienced tree removal service provider, consider our team at Kevin’s Tree Service. We can remove the dead trees in your yard while keeping you, your family, and your home’s safety in mind.

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