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The Top 4 Most Ideal Trees To Plant in Florida

Updated: Apr 28

The Top 4 Most Ideal Trees To Plant in Florida

Most people imagine palm trees when they think of Florida. However, there's much more biodiversity in the state than many realize.

Finding trees that thrive in your yard will make the space much more enjoyable. Here are the top four ideal trees to plant in Florida.


Citrus trees are the perfect choice for your Florida home since they require direct sunlight throughout much of the day. They don't like standing water, instead preferring sandy soils and plenty of airflow. You can always add peat for additional nutrients if there's too much sand.

The biggest thing to remember when growing citrus trees is to avoid excess moisture. You should ensure the soil receives even watering and ensure plants have enough space to grow.


Another common tree that you can find across northern Florida is the dogwood. This species can grow nearly 40 feet tall and do well in soils with only some acidity. It has flowers with large white petals that can add some nice aesthetics to your yard.

It's important to remember that dogwood doesn't like direct sunlight. In nature, these trees tend to grow beneath the canopy, so you'll want to ensure you plant them in a partly shaded area.


Fig trees are another species that do well when planted in Florida. The most common species are the Green Ischia, Brown Turkey, and Celeste. Luckily, the conditions in northern and central Florida are just right for these fruit bearers.

Fig trees love water, so you must ensure they stay hydrated. You probably won't need additional fertilizer. But if your tree's growth seems stunted, you can add nitrogen to supplement the soil.


If you like bananas, you can always grow a banana tree to get as much fruit as you want. Banana trees are tall and sturdy, protecting them against heavy rains and wind. While not technically trees, they are large enough to add shade and color to your yard.

Banana trees don't like soggy soil but require constant moisture. This situation makes them somewhat harder to care for. They need full sunlight and high humidity to thrive.

Take Care of Your Trees

No matter what types of trees you decide to plant in your Florida home, it's good to know how to care for them properly. Different species have different needs when it comes to sunlight and water. If you have lots of trees growing in your yard, you may want to find some trusted residential tree services to ensure they stay appropriately trimmed and maintained.

The top four most ideal trees to plant in Florida depend on your preferences. At the end of the day, you'll want something you have time for that complements your yard and existing plants.

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