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Why You Shouldn’t Plant Trees Too Close to Your Home

Updated: Apr 28

Why You Shouldn’t Plant Trees Too Close to Your Home

For homeowners, trees are essential fixtures that add shade, filter the air, and offer a nice aesthetic for the yard. However, you must be careful to consider the long-term growth of the trees you plant.

Here are a few reasons why you shouldn’t plant trees too close to your home.

Deep Roots

Trees are constantly growing, and their roots reach far and wide to find water. When they encounter barriers, they break them down to get where they need to go.

If you plant a tree too close to your home, you risk damaging essential utilities such as plumbing and drainage. Water can pool and introduce unwanted moisture, mold, and rot. This situation can be expensive to repair, so it’s best to avoid it altogether by planting trees at least 15 to 20 feet away from your house.

Bad Weather

While having a tree close to your house might seem like a good idea, extreme weather can pose a significant hazard to you and your family. High winds, lightning strikes, and loose soil can cause a tree to fall on your house, posing a significant risk that should be avoided at all costs.

Having a good understanding of basic tree maintenance will allow you to keep your property safe from potential hazards. Finding a reliable hurricane tree service can make all the difference.

Clogged Drains

During heavy rains, your home’s gutters channel the water off the roof and back to the ground so it doesn’t pool. Planting trees too close to your home makes it easier for dead leaves, branches, and twigs to get stuck in the gutters, clogging them and blocking the flow of water.

Clogged gutters can result in water damage both inside and outside of the home. It’s important to clean them regularly, but if you have trees too close, it can become a hassle.

Keep Your Home Safe From Harm

Trees are a great addition to any home, but planting them in the wrong place can cause more problems than they’re worth. Knowing why you shouldn’t plant trees too close to your home will allow you to safeguard your home from the roof down to the foundation.

Pay attention to the environment and be proactive in trimming trees on your property to limit potential hazards due to bad weather.

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