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3 Tips for Keeping Your Trees Looking Healthy

Updated: Apr 28

3 Tips for Keeping Your Trees Looking Healthy

For homeowners, trees make the perfect addition to a yard. They offer shade, improve air quality, and create a nice aesthetic.

Your trees may have trouble staying lush and green as the weather gets warmer. Use these tips for keeping your trees looking healthy so that you can enjoy your yard this season.

Ensure They Get Enough Water

Trees need water to survive. Their roots will travel considerable distances in search of a source. You may need to water more often if there’s low rainfall or a drought. If trees don’t get enough water, they’re more susceptible to damage due to stress.

To water trees, soak your yard around where the roots are and allow the soil to get moist. Getting the water deep into the soil is essential. Otherwise, the tree’s roots will start to grow toward the surface. Watering early in the day will ensure the ground stays moist without evaporating into the air.

Remove Dead Growth

Pruning trees is an ongoing job for property owners. Trees with dead, split, or overgrown limbs can be a danger to the home and people on the property. Pruning also allows trees to circulate nutrients, promoting new growth and increasing resilience against pests and disease.

If a tree is too far gone, you may need to remove it altogether. You can start by topping and cutting off limbs. Then, you can fell the tree and cut it into smaller pieces. As a final step, most people use fire, chemicals, or stump grinding to remove the root ball beneath the ground.

Watch for Diseases

Diseases can infect trees, posing a risk to their health and well-being. Root rot, blight, and wilting are common symptoms. Trees can also become infested with insects, making it harder for them to maintain adequate nutrition.

To increase their resilience, you can treat trees with insecticides, fungicides, and other chemicals. Proper pruning, feeding, and watering will give them the energy they need to fight off infection. If you’re having trouble keeping your trees healthy, a professional service may be able to help.

Caring for Your Trees Pays Off

For property owners, trees can be both an asset and a liability. While they add value to the home, they can pose a hazard if you don’t care for them.

Taking the time to keep your trees looking healthy will ensure you get the most out of your property.

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