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4 Steps To Take Before a Hurricane Comes

Updated: Apr 28

4 Steps To Take Before a Hurricane Comes

Hurricane season can be dangerous, especially if you aren’t prepared. Getting things ready at the last minute can present additional risks, so it’s good to start preparing for hurricane season early.

With so much to remember, it can be difficult to know where to begin. These are the four steps to take before a hurricane comes.

Cover Windows and Doors

If a hurricane is coming your way, one of the first things you should do is cover the windows and doors of your home. Boarding up the entryways will ensure loose debris and large objects don’t come crashing into your home.

Your windows and doors are especially vulnerable to high winds and water, which can cause serious damage if they enter the home. Covering your windows and doors during a hurricane can also lower your insurance premiums, saving you money and keeping the home’s occupants safe.

Clear Your Yard

You should also ensure your yard is clean and clear of loose items before a hurricane hits. Loose tree limbs, trash, and other items can become hazardous if they’re left out during a big storm. Local trash collection and cleanup services will already have a lot to do, and clearing your yard beforehand will save them a ton of work.

Lawn furniture, sports equipment, and building materials should be appropriately stored or tied down to reduce the amount of danger they pose. You may want to hire a hurricane tree service to ensure your trees are properly trimmed and tied down.

Shut Off Power

Another thing you can do to prepare for a hurricane is shut off the power to your home. Sparks, arc flashes, and electrical surges can become a massive risk if they occur at the wrong time. Going through your home, unplugging your appliances, and turning off the circuit breaker will help prevent electrocutions and fires.

You should also disconnect appliances that use natural gas to avoid leaking. After the hurricane, emergency services may need as much power as they can get, so it’s good to wait until absolutely necessary to use your devices again.

Gather Supplies

With everything else in place, you’ll need sufficient supplies to keep you safe during and after the storm. Food, water, and a first-aid kit should be your priority. Other items, such as batteries, blankets, toilet paper, and a flashlight, will make your life much easier.

You should also have a fire extinguisher on hand, just in case. A radio or cell phone will allow you to communicate your position or call in emergency events.

Stay Vigilant and Don’t Take Chances

A hurricane poses significant risks, no matter how big it is. Flooding, fires, and landslides can put you and others at risk without much notice. Knowing which steps to take before a hurricane comes will allow you to stay prepared and avoid hazards so that you can get back to your life once the weather dies down.

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