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3 Ways To Protect Your Trees From Animal Damage

Updated: Apr 26

3 Ways To Protect Your Trees From Animal Damage

Trees are an excellent addition to any yard. They provide shade, make the space feel more comfortable, and invite a diverse range of animal species.

Unfortunately, some types of animals can be detrimental to your favorite ones. Here are three ways to protect your trees from animal damage.

Plant Them in an Ideal Location

The simplest thing you can do to protect your trees from animal damage is to plant them in an ideal location where animals won’t bother them. Some plants and shrubs, such as boxwoods and junipers, will help keep deer and other animals away from your trees.

Other plants, such as daffodils and alliums, will help keep squirrels away, ensuring they don’t damage your favorite tree. You can also plant trees closer to your home or near the street to help reduce animal damage. Other considerations, such as the amount of water and light, can also affect animal behavior.

Use Tree Guards

Using tree guards is another good approach to protect your trees from animal damage. Larger animals that like to graze will have trouble getting close if you place fencing around the trunk. Tree guards provide a parameter that helps to shield the tree from the elements, lawn maintenance, and animals.

Tree guards are breathable materials that protect the trunk without smothering it. In most cases, you’ll want one that’s about a foot and a half tall to prevent critters from getting into the tree. However, the size of the guard largely depends on the size of the tree.

Apply Mulch

Your tree’s roots are also in danger of animal damage and extreme temperatures. Applying mulch improves their water retention and provides an essential layer of protection. Follow these steps to properly apply mulch:

  • First, remove any weeds or growths near the tree’s base to create a foundation for your mulch bed.

  • Then, add a layer of mulch that extends from the trunk a couple of feet. It should be a few inches deep and spread evenly for the best results.

  • Finally, water your tree per its requirements and enjoy its growth journey!

Note: Small critters can burrow under the mulch and make a home near the trunk if you layer it too high.

Make Your Yard Feel Inviting

While trees provide many essential benefits to homeowners, they can be a hazard if you don’t take good care of them. Animal damage will make them look less attractive and cause stress that can kill your trees. Contact a tree removal service in Palm Bay if you live in the area and need any dead trees removed.

With a few common ways to protect your trees from animal damage, you can ensure your yard feels inviting for your guests.

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