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5 Tips for Preparing Your Yard for Hurricane Season

5 Tips for Preparing Your Yard for Hurricane Season

Hurricane season can be a stressful time of year since these powerful storms can leave a lot of destruction in their path. But knowing how to prepare your yard for hurricane season can decrease the risk of damage. Find out how to get your yard ready before the storm hits!

Store Outside Furniture

Plenty of us keep furniture outside so we can lounge on the patio, and this is a perfect area to entertain guests. However, you should have a place to store these belongings during hurricane season. Powerful winds can break these items or blow them around—this creates a danger for everyone. If you don’t have storage for outdoor furniture, you should anchor the furniture to the ground to keep it in place.

Keep Irrigation Systems Off

If a storm is expected to hit your area, you should always shut off your irrigation systems to prevent the risk of an at-home flood. Sometimes trees fall during the storm and break the line, and water will come gushing out if it’s left on.

Keep Trees Healthy

Inspect your trees by looking at the branches and leaves. If you notice many dead branches or the leaves are off-color, such as brown or yellow, it may be sick or dying. Contacting an expert to ensure your tree is healthy is always best because a dying tree is more likely to break during a hurricane. And if the tree is close to your home, this is even more important as it could fall into your home, causing detrimental damage.

You should also trim any low-hanging and dead branches, as these are more likely to fall off during a storm. Plus, by removing dead branches, you can help improve your tree's health, so you don’t have to cut the whole thing down.

Call an Expert

Kevin’s Tree Service offers hurricane tree removal in Florida. We’re happy to come out and trim your trees before a storm or remove them if necessary. If a tree comes down during a storm, you can call us to clean it up.

Eliminate All Debris

Another tip for preparing your yard for hurricanes is to remove debris such as twigs or other loose items from the property; you never want to leave personal items outside. As the winds pick up, these items can fly around and can cause damage to your property.

Check for Proper Drainage

If there’s a storm drain near your property, ensure a clear path for water to get into it. You may have to clean the area and ensure there are no large plants or shrubbery in the way. Storm drains help clear the area of water that could otherwise cause damage to your property or the surrounding area.

Closing Note: Have a Plan

Always create a plan of action for what you and your household should do well before meteorologists predict a tropical storm in your area. With a plan in place, you keep your property prepared for severe weather.

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